Posted on: February 13, 2008 1:56 pm

Flavor of the Weak

Let me reiterate what those of you are thinking.....

The time of the year sucks for sports.

So while I find it difficult to discuss things other than HGH or the Presidential campaigns, I shall dig deep for something.

Softball is more difficult than it looks. I'm a high school/college baseball player, been playing since I was 7. Now, I'm not nearly in the shape I was back then, I don't feel the need to be in great shape for softball. I remember commenting on softball as a sport that out of shape old men play, or girls.

I play down here in San Diego, where the weather is perpetually good and we have year-round leagues (although last night's game was "fogged-out"). Here's what's different.

1. The ball takes way too long to get to you. I can't judge it worth a darn, and taking a walk is harder than saying no to the boys because your girlfriend rented a Matthew Macconaughey movie.

2. The ball doesn't come up. I play shortstop, which should be easy, but sometimes I look like a stooge. The ball stays on the ground, which sounds like it would make the game easier, and maybe it would, if you weren't used to the dynamics of a baseball for the first 15 years of your life.

3. Your teammates are awful. Either you're playing in a coed team with women who've never swung with anything except with the neighbor's husband, or you're dealing with grown men who can't catch a 5" ball falling out of the sky with an over-sized glove. The same guys who actually strike out swinging in slow-pitch or complain the pitcher "jammed" them. How the H do you get jammed in slow pitch?

4. I'm always drunk.

Is it baseball time yet? Go Lakers!
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